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Ola is a passionate co-founder dedicated to the mission of providing books to under-served schools and empowering young minds through education. Born and raised in a small community, Ola witnessed firsthand the limited resources available to students and the impact it had on their educational opportunities. Driven by his belief that every child deserves access to educational books to spark their curiosity from a young age, Ola co-founded the nonprofit organization, Books2kids. With a background in Computer Science & Cybersecurity and a deep love for Science, Ola recognized the transformative power of books in shaping young minds and fostering a love for learning.
Over the years, Okanda has always been passionate about education and as a result of this, he embarked on a teaching fellowship for 2+ years under the Teach for Nigeria initiative. where he taught 57 students in a small rural town. Okanda saw first-hand how under-served schools found it difficult to access the books they needed for study, hence the key reason he co-founded the Books2kids. Okanda''s unwavering dedication and relentless efforts helped this school build and equip a fully-functioning library and as a result, increased in literacy rates from 30% to over 80%. His unwavering determination, coupled with her empathy and understanding of the challenges faced by under-served schools, continues to drive him and inspire others to join the cause.
Program Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)
Godwin is a dedicated program manager in Africa who is deeply committed to supporting the acquisition and distribution of books to under-served schools across the continent. Inspired by his own educational journey and the transformative power of books, Godwin has an extensive experience in managing community development programs, As a program manager, Godwin works tirelessly to support the Operations of Books2Kids in Africa, partnering with publishers, and educational institutions to enable book donations. His strategic planning and organizational skills have played a vital role in expanding the reach of initiatives aimed at improving literacy rates and providing educational resources in under-served communities. Godwin's work involves conducting needs assessments, coordinating logistics, and overseeing the successful implementation of book acquisition and distribution programs. He collaborates closely with school administrators, teachers, and community leaders to identify the specific needs of each school and tailor the initiatives to their unique requirements.

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