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Books2kids begun in 2021 as a passion project between two friends, Ololade and Okanda, who were baffled by the fact that a lot of kids from low-income backgrounds lacked access to writing materials and books, particularly STEM books. They decided to pool their resources and networks to change this narrative.

Why we exist...

We want to make sure that all kids have books

Education exclusion takes many forms. One of them is the lack of access to quality, relevant, STEM books and reading materials. Books2Kids was founded to help in bridging this gap. We want to put STEM books in the hands of kids, especially kids in under-resourced schools and communities. Through this, we hope to:


  1. Develop a reading culture and spark a curiosity for science in the minds and hearts of Nigerian kids.
  2. Plug the educational resource gap that so often plague students in low-income schools. 
  3. Raise a generation of kids who are courageous to create inventions that will make the world a better place.

Our Mission

To achieve this, we harness our talented community of professionals in STEM who volunteer their time and skills to create easy-to-digest, interesting STEM books. Further, we also purchase and distribute writing materials and STEM textbooks to kids in order to consolidate their STEM knowledge.


We gather teachers, storytellers, writers, innovators and illustrators, who work together to come up with how best to bring clarity to a STEM topic/subject. Together, they constitute our team of phenomenal volunteers.


Once a particular book idea is conceived, it is added to our pool of books to be created. Our volunteers then select and dedicate specific days and periods when they collaborate to plan and write these books.


We strive to publish our books within a month of when the writing process begun. Once our books are ready, digital copies are available to be read here. We also publish paper copies of our books using local printing partners.


Our team of volunteers make it possible for our books to get to kids in local communities. In addition to putting books in the hands of the kids, we also ensure copies of our books are placed in school libraries.

At Books2Kids, we believe that every child deserves access to STEM.

Ololade Olabode, Dublin
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